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Ford Expedition Crash: Rear Ended by Dodge Ram Van

My friend and I both suffered torn ligaments due to the whiplash;

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Ford Expedition Crash: Rear Ended by Dodge Ram Van Nevada

Feb. 2003; My friend and I were heading northbound on I-15 towards Las Vegas when we had come to stop in the fast lane, although the slow lane was still moving slightly. (There was ongoing construction, and the lanes had been narrowed and were curving a bit, which caused the delays) We had been sitting for about 1-2 min. then traffic started to pick up again. As I was about to accelerate, we were hit from behind by a Dodge Ram camper van going approx. 70 m.p.h. The driver had apparently fallen asleep, and didn't see what was going on in front of him. We were shot forward, and veered into the right lane, and were then hit a second time by a semi-truck, whose trailer somehow caught onto the front bumper and dragged us another 30-40 feet...which actually is a godsend because if we had gone off the road, we would've hit the dirt and probably flipped!

My friend and I both suffered torn ligaments due to the whiplash; I suffered a huge blow to the back of my head because a laptop computer was on the backseat and flew forward when we were hit. As it was coming forward, our seats broke from the impact so I was coming down and that's when my head was hit by it. I had a large knot on the base of my head, suffered from a slight concussion, and vertigo which I am still suffering from.

In conclusion, I thank God that we had decided to take my friend's Expedition, rather than her Honda Accord. The police assured us we would've been dead had we been in it, due to the amount of damage we suffered. Also, they told us had we not been wearing our seatbelts, we would've been thrown out the back window due to the force of the impact. I can tell you, I know what my next new car will be!



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