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Mercedes Crashes into Truck 2 Killed
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Mercedes Convertible Crash

These guys were flying down the highway in their Mercedes sports car. At high speed they did not see the taillights (poorly illuminated) on that back of a large box truck. They rear ended the truck, and both were killed. Editors note: We do not show graphic Images

Luiz A.

Editors Note: This type of crash is called a truck under ride accident. The car driver in all likelihood did not see the truck until it was too late. The profile and lighting on trucks makes them difficult to see at night- add speed and you have this deadly type of crash.

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Posted by Pim 11/3/07: Hello- The mortality for these accidents is so high, because trucks have no solid structures at the bumper height of the car, but only higher. Therefore, the whole impact has to be absorbed by the front window frame, which is of course not able to handle these huge forces, no matter how strong the car is.

A solution can be made, there is a European law to require bars at bumper-height at the rear end of trucks. The biggest german car club ADAC tested this, and found out that it is still not enough. With bars a little lower than the European norm, and two extra stabilization bars connected with the rest of the truck frame, it can be made in such a way that the full impact goes to the bumper of the car. If the car that hits the truck is modern enough, it will have an efficient crumple zone that can handle this impact, and leave people relatively unharmed.

Watch their video (in german, but the images tell everything), they show first what happens with the european-norm bar, then with a construction of their own. Shocking what a simple bit of engineering can

Another thing that can help are reflective tapes at the back of a truck. I see this on the 'Autobahn' a lot. It is a good way to see trucks at night from a far distance. That helps adjusting your speed on time. You can even distinguish from huge distances between oil/liquid trucks that have a big circle at their back and normal trucks, that have a square.

Example picture I could find quickly on the web: Hmm, apparently there is even a law that requires it!

BTW You have a bit morbid, but nice site! It is good to see the hard facts of a real-life crash to know the responsibilities that come with driving.

Could you also make categories for European/Asian, etc. cases for us Non-US visitors?

Greetings, Pim


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