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Fatal Corolla Drunk Driving Crash
Caplen, Texas

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Fatal Toyota Crash

I volunteer for a local EMS/Fire department, and we responded to a call for a 1050 major on Highway 87 in Caplen, TX on 07/04/2004 at 1:30am. When I arrived on scene in my personal vehicle I found a lady in her early 20's sitting in the front passenger seat of this Toyota Corolla.

Her Husband was DOS I checked several times. She on the other hand was still breathing,unconcious, and bleading from her forehead, nose, mouth, left ankle, and Right wrist. The lady was rideing with her left leg crossed over her right and upon impact with the other vehicle the dashboard was crushed inward with such impact that her Left femur fractured and pushed her left foot up to her face. She had an aproximately 4-5" gash crossed her forehead. I also noticed that her right wrist was an open fracture to her radius and ulna.(2 bones in your arm) About 2 increadibly long minutes had passed when the rest of the crew arrived with the Jaws and the ambulance.

It took what seemed like 15-20 minutes to extricate her from the car using C-spine precautions. By that time, one of the many flight services in the area had landed on the highway and took her to UTMB In Galveston TX where she later died of her injuries.

This vehicle was tossed backward 107ft from the point of impact. Suspected speeds were combined to reach over 145 mph. The people in this vehicle had not been drinking, The man who was at fault had been.

The couple left behind a 6 year old daughter. Please people, be safe, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! (pictures were taken July 4th 4:30pm just 15hours after the accident.

Ricky H.



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