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Drunken Driver Turns into Parents Lane

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Drunk driver causes crash'

This accident happened Thursday May 2nd 2002. The Black S-10 is or was my dad's. My parents were on there way home from a bible study when a drunk driver turned head on into their lane. My dad yanked the wheel to turn the impact away from my mom.

Luckily they were both wearing seat belts. My mom ended up in the hospital for two days....Terrible bruises from the seatbelt, but so far no evidence of permanent damage. My dad was sent home that night bruised up.......and as for the drunk, of course he wasn't wearing his seat belt, broke his nose and cracked the windshield with his head, but still went home more or less fine. Figures huh?! By the way, the Nissan pathfinder in the one pic was the other guy's. It could have been worse..I am just glad my parents are alive.

Don't Drink and Drive


Submitted 8 May2002

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