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Sunfire Versus Van Crash
Whitby Ontario, Canada

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Canada Crash

My name is Nick, i was involved in an accident on thursday April 29,2004.

I was going through a green light in a major intersection when a mini van turned left infront of me. I crashed into the side of the van, because i locked up the brakes in my sunfire, my car was even lower to the ground then usuall, my sunfire went undernieth the van, causing the van to do two arial rolls then landing up side down, My car had continued down the lane i was driving in, still pointed in my intentional direction, and still perfectly between the lines. My car is a 95 sunfire 2dr, the van was a 92 chevy lumina, I walked away from this accident with major sprains and bruising. I am very satisfied with the way my 95 sunfire handled the impacked, I've never been in an accident with any othe compacted vehicle, however I feel that the sunfire is a well built, and safe vehicle, I will most likley be buying another sunfire.

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