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CD Crash Music Accident

I was attending East Tennessee State University in Johnson City back in 95-96 when I had the unpleasant experience of tasting GM safety glass. I was on my way towards the outlying shopping area(malls/etc) on Market Street. I don't know exactly what happened that caused the accident, but I do remember reaching over my head to the CD wallet on the sunvisor for a new CD. When I came to, there was a fat EMT standing over me, asking "How many fingers am I holding up sir?" I replied "eleven, get me up"

He looked puzzled, and repeated his question with more urgency this time "Sir, just cooperate, how many fingers am i holding up" I replied "ELEVEN, NOW GET ME THE &%$# UP YOU FAT *&!$*^%@" I leaned my head over to the side, and saw my car wrapped around a lightpole. I came out of that crash with 21 stitches, and three cracked ribs.

W. Michael B.


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