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Pepsi Truck Accident in the round about
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Pakistan Car Crash Truck Pepsi

Date: 02-April-2001 time: 14:30 This truck, full of pepsi bottles, speeding up to cross, a second after the red light turned on, missed a number of cars including mine & smashed up in the monument inside the round about.

The truck jumped at least 6 feet in the air after the hit, cause it was moving at 80 kph at the time of the hit. The driver was the only guy insde, he was ejected , breaking the windshield onto the monument wall & then to the ground. He had 2 broken ribs, broken legs, broken nose, cuts, bruises & lots of other stuff. He was taken to a hospital near by.

The driver was arrested when he got out of the hospital in the same broken condition.

No one wears seat belts in Pakistan, I started to wear em after this scene.

Bilal Ch.

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