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Collison With Truck
Shefield, UK

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UK Crashed

Back on October 27th, 2000 (my sisters birthday) I was out driving to a restaurant at Strines Valley near Shefield, UK. I was driving along a country road with a truck coming towards me. A car following the truck decided to overtake and hit me head on, not sure of the speeds involved but I know I managed to come to almost a stop but he thought he could make the gap and was still accelerating hard.

I was knocked out at the scene and flown to Shefield Northern General. Top respect to the guys there, they saved me. Good news is that even after all the problems i am getting on with my life and don't have any real hatred for the actions of the guy, just really angry at other things. The thing is I am riding my bike again now, if in a little discomfort but still I am not gonna let this beat me

 My injuries were:

 Dislcated both shoulders
Fractured both wrists
90 degree fracture of pelvis
Fractured pubic bone
Dislocated hip
Smashed fehmur
Dislocated knee
Smashed tib/fib
180 degree dislocation of foot
Smashed ankle
Smashed heel
Smashed foot
Frontal lobe damage - some memory function and executive decision making issues
Lost a kidney
Tore my lver


Here are the pics

Michael B.


Submitted 12 April 2002

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