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BMW High Speed Crash
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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BMW Crash

I was driving my E36 BMW 320i home on a sunny dry day through countryside near Siroki Brijeg when an idiot in black opel came at high speed very close to me from back. He was signalling with his front lights like "watch out", "slow down", "move from the road" or I don't know what.

Instead of passing me on a few relatively long and absolutely straight parts of the road he was driving very close behind me. Driving some 70kmh (45mph) I stepped on pedal so to just move away from an idiot, it is countryside, houses are right beside road, I could brake suddenly and he would hit me being so close behind.

Before you know it I was 100kmh (55mph) and after another straight road part I was breaking so to enter slight right turn at a safe speed. Idiot behind black glass on his opel did what every idiot eventually does: he tried to take me over as we entered right turn.

An Audi was rushing towards him and in a second he tried to return to our lane, but IN FRONT of me! All that was needed is a slight nudge on my front bumper while I was braking and turning right, and my car went crazy.

He pushed me off of the road to the right side, I tried to compensate and made mistake by braking hard while turning wheels left so car started to drift over the road to the left side.
In that moment there was this VW Golf rushing in left lane where I managed to stop, and slammed at me at some 90kmh (50mph).

I can thank makers of BMW, and all angels who were that day playing at that very part of the road, that I did not get killed or had any serious injuries. Smash was so hard I went completely through glass of the left side door.

Finished with two stitches on top of the head, hundreds of little cuts on face and hands (all helaed) and pain in the spine (still reacts on bad weather :o)) ).
And, yes, totally wrecked beautifull car, bought just 2 moths before accident.

Be carefull, know how to drive, know where to drive fast and where you must go slow.

Leave idiots on their own track.
Nidal P.
Bosnia and Herzegovina,
May 18. 2004

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