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Volkswagon Rendered Undriveable

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Wheel of VW Crash


Alright, here's the deal. For some stupid reason I was in the right lane of a 3 lane road (yea, why would Dave of all people be in the right lane? Well I don't know and i'm Dave) and the guy in front of me stopped so I stopped and the guy behind me didnt feel the need to stop. So instead of trying not to hit me, he decides to go 20-30 into the rear left corner of my car...pushing me into the person in front of me.

Within a minute a cop showed up (for once a cop WAS around when I needed one). The car is undriveable and I have a rental Mitsubishi Lancer with 34 miles on it. I dont know what else to say other than i'm seeing the chiropractor again but much more frequently, its a pain to hold my head up for too long (after 8 hours of looking at a computer screen I just want to go lay down). The guy who hit me is 50 years old with 33 years of driving experience, and is the District Manager for Spencers Gifts (yea, that craphole in the mall) and flat out said "I was looking at my radio" to the cop. The police report says he was given a ticket for "Failure to pay full time attention".

Accident Description (according to the police report):

"Driver one looked away for a moment, and did not notice that vehicle two had stopped for slow moving traffic ahead. Vehicle one struck vehicle two, pushing it into vehicle three."

As far as i'm concerned, that doesnt say much. The drawing is a load of crap too. It doesn't show that car one (the moron who caused the accident) ended up stopped in the middle lane (of 3) and was further down the road than mine, it just looks like he stopped as soon as he hit me.

Dave A.

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