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Ford Escort Road Accident
England, United Kingdom

This UK Speeding Crash: Pic 1| Pic 3 (Before)

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UK Crash Pic

Motor Accident occured 03 July 2004 in England, United Kingdom Ok, this was a short while ago, Yes I was speeding stupidly (115 mph in a 40mph zone) I was heading home in a rush, don't remember what the rush was, but I know it was kinda urgent. No excuses, Lesson learned.

The car used to be a 1998 Ford Escort Si 16v (1.8 litre, 115 bhp, which had been modified to approx 125bhp) It also used to have 5 doors, now it has three

Anyway... I was heading down a long, wide straight road, when the exhaust(muffler?) back section broke away, the forward section of the broken part digging into the tarmac, effectively polevaulting the back end of my car up, and to the left. The front tyres couldnt take the sudden weight and burst due to a nic in the sidewall which I had meant to replace.

I was sent almost spinning towards some oncoming cars which i managed to avoid after having corrected the spin, problem was, swerving to avoid those sent the car into another spin which was impossible to control, I span off onto the opposite side of the road, hitting the first tree head on at 80mph+ before spinning into another tree which buried itself into the passenger side by about 2 feet. Even after all of this the airbag failed to go off. "FORD - F*cked On Road Disasters"

I thought I was uninjured, switched the ignition off (the engine died on impact, but I wanted to kill all electrics) got out of the car and started walking to go home since I wasn't far.
A few people stopped me "you realise you're bleeding" "probably" what I didnt realise was that i needed 9 stitches to my face. (cuts caused by the windshield that came into the car) The police, fire engine, and an ambulance arrived, all said I shouldnt be alive.

About 2 days later I visited the garage where the car had been taken to fetch personal belongings from the car. The receptionist knew my car instantly "oh... THAT one, the squished Escort, we thought that the owner was dead" A guy in the main area, worked there for 30 years, and never saw a car so bad where the owner had lived even with broken limbs etc They wanted to take photographs of me with the car. Needless to say: I've been nicknamed "Captain Scarlett"

I was wearing my seatbelt, had I not been wearing it, I almost certainly would have gone through the windscreen and splattered into the first tree I had no passengers (I wouldn't have been driving like that, rush or no rush if I had passengers)

No other party was involved, except the garage that sold me the car, which had a brand new MOT (basically a licence stating that the car is fit on the road) yet had to go back to the garage to have replacements for illegally low brake pads, and a clutch that meant I could pull away neatly, without wheelspin/stalling in 5th gear by dropping the clutch as if trying to wheelspin.

I've included a picture of the car in it's original glory, as I'm sure you dont get the same car shapes we do.

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