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Head On Crash With Semi Truck
Oregon City, Orgeon

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Truck Head on Crash

It was a beautiful summer day and I was headed from my parents house to live with my boyfriend in Redmond Oregon. So I had all of my belongings in my 1997 Honda Civic and I was headed east on HWY 224 up towards the mountain to connect with HWY 26. It was about 2:50PM and i called my boyfriend and left him a messege because he was still at work, but told him I was headed to his house. (2 1/2 hrs away) I was so excited that day, just to get there and finally be with him for the summer... All morning I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I was finally on my way!!

Much to my surprise I was only minutes from my house when I turned on to HWY 224 and headed for the first curve in the road, next thing I know I see a semi coming around the curve COMPLETLY in my lane.. With a guard rail to my right with a long drop into the Carver River and DOUBLE YELLOW lines and a semi blocking me from swerving to my left all I had time to do was slam on the brakes... As soon as I saw him I remember thinking "God please don't let me die!" Then he hit me, he was traveling at 45 mph at a posted speed limit of
35 mph.. I luckly was going under the speed limit at about 35 mph and my posted speed was 45mph.

Amazingly enough I sustained only a broken left patella and multiple back strains, as well as jaw irritation due to the impact of the air bag and my face!! I was wearing a seat belt and later after hours in the ER at OHSU was told that my seat belt and air bags saved my life!! On my way the to the hospital after the paremedic made sure all my vitals were ok, I was allowed to call my boyfriend, strapped down to the board with no movement from my head because they didnt know if there was any head injury I dialed his number, very calmly I told him I was in an accident and then I began crying, as I handed the parimedic the phone he proceeded to tell my boyfriend that I had just been in a very bad accident, hit by a semi.. then the phone disconnected!

I cant imagine what went through his head in the few minutes before the paremedic called him back!! The semi hit me and then drove over the front of my car when he claims he sneezed and driffed into my lane and realized he was in my lane.. He ended up about 50 feet behind ny car jack knifed in the Highway! I thank God everyday for my safe survival of this accident... I just recieved a full police report and the report says that while driving over my car his gas tank also actually went over my car ( thank God no sparks were present!) PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BUCKLE UP, IT REALLY DOES SAVE LIVES!

Crash was Oregon City, OR 6-30-05 at 3:00pm

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