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4th of July Rollover Accident
Campobello Island, Canada

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Dodge Dakota Sport Crash

Truck - 2004 Dodge Dakota Sport Date - July 5th 2005 Location - Campobello Island, Canada.

Hey, this is my friends truck. It took place on Campobello Island, which is right next to Lubec, Maine. He was on his way home from out with a night with friends. After the 4th of July, theres always a big party in Lubec where everyone goes. He had been there drinking alot. Several people had his keys before, and kept passing them to other people. Until finally someone gave them to him and he started his journey home. As he was on his way home, he hit a fence on someones lawn. The fence happened to be my landlords.

Then he went through Canadian customs and kept going. He kept going off the road everywhere, like onto the sholder and what not. He got about 7 miles from Customs when he hit a utility pole. The same place a kid and his girlfriend hit a couple years before and the kid died in the crash. Rolled it over and into the pole and the kid was a passenger.

Anyways, back to the story, he nugged that pole, backed up, and went for another 2-3 miles down the road when he lost control and rolled it over twice. Rolled it completely over once and was about to roll it back onto it's wheels, but didn't get past the driver side. He got out and tryed to roll it back over, thats how drunk he was! He passed out behind the wheel everytime he went off the road. The fence, the pole and the rollover, he was passed out everytime! He was the only one in the truck.

Luckly, he didn't get hurt, not even a scratch. He was not wearing his seatbelt and never got hurt. A little bit too lucky if you ask me! He has since learned his lesson about drinking and driving and hasn't done it since! He did about $16,000 dollars in damage. Insurance fixed it and he has since gotten his truck back and is now driving it. His airbags in his truck tho never deployed. Thats probably a good thing. If they would have, the truck probably would of been totalled! But a thing to remember is don't drink and drive, many lives have been taken when people do that! Think twice before you do that! It has been a heart breaking result many times before! And remember, WEAR YOUR SEATBELT! It really helps!

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