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Injured in a car accident around the Boston Area (or anywhere in Massachusetts)? Our attorneys can help you handle your car accident claims and insurance paperwork. Many people believe that the insurers will simply pay. Those people are mistaken. Although your own insurer may pay the basic bills, any other insurer will generally offer substantially less, or in some cases, nothing at all, if an attorney is not involved. Without an attorney you may never even know the full amount of the available insurance coverage, in serious injury cases there may be 4 or 5 parties with various policies to help pay.

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Boston, Massachusetts Accident Law

Massachusetts uses a fault standard, so any claim against another driver must be based on proof of driving negligence. This proof can be furnished by witnesses, but in practice it is often determined by an analysis of how the accident happened. Insurers usually know who had the right of way and will assign liability that way, especially if no one is injured in the accident and the driver can be surcharged (insurance increased). However, if the insurance company finds they need to cover an injury claim, they will stretch the limits of imagination to deny any liability. This pattern of behavior by insurance companies (of paying non-injury small claims right away and not paying injured people) is certainly business based (designed to save money), but the insurer also has a certain legal duty to defend its insured driver against any injury lawsuits. So as both a matter of common business sense and legal duty, an insurer will not pay other drivers for injuries. Thus, You need a lawyer.

Under Massachusetts law, a person injured in a car accident can bring a lawsuit in the event of: death; broken bone; permanent or serious disfigurement; a lost "sense" such as hearing, sight, taste or smell; loss of a body part; or, where "reasonable and necessary" medical bills equal or exceed $2,000. In practice, the $2000 is the basic threshold for many whiplash, back and neck injuries.

It is very important to get to a doctor soon after the accident, otherwise the insurer will use any delay (usually by busy working people) to justify denying a claim. The insurers argue any delay in seeking medical attention means the person was not injured at all. If you have been injured, you know the pain of the morning and days after is not to be taken lightly. You may miss work and be in pain for weeks or months after an accident you wish never happened. Insurance companies have too often managed to portray injured people as cheaters who drive up rates. Seek prompt medical attention and follow through with the proper course of medical treatment to ensure your claim is not unfairly denied or weakened.

You may be entitled to collect several (three or four) times your medical bills and expenses in a large lump sum payment as compensation for pain and suffering. Settlements in Massachusetts are nearly always tax free.

This web site (actually based in Boston) is associated with very skilled local lawyers who have experience handling all automobile claims ranging from simple rear end accidents to helping families of people killed or seriously injured in accidents. The attorneys handle the case for no money up front, and then deduct their fee from any eventual settlement. Thus there is no financial risk to you.

Contact us for a free evaluation. We can set up an appointment right away with a knowledgeable car accident attorney.

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