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Truck Hit My House
Lubec, Maine

I was thrown out of the chair and onto the floor!

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Truck That Hit The house


Well, heres another accident I get to submit. This one occured in my lawn. The man driving this truck lost control and hit my house. This guy has a history of bad driving! Years ago back in 96 he was in a bad accident that almost took his life! He had just bought a new truck that day and was drunk driving in it when the tire fell off and he rolled nearly killing him. He's lucky to have lived. Today he does drugs, and he said he "took too many zanax, and fell asleep and hit the house." Up the road was wood all over the road from where he went off on the left side, I was surprized he didn't roll over. He got out of the ditch and went to the right side, overcorrected and shot across the road and into the side of my house! I was watching TV and heard tires scretching. I didn't think anything of it, thought people was just burning the tires like they always do.

I heard a car out in the road anyways, until we all heard BANG! My dog and I was thrown out of the chair and onto the floor! I ran to the window looked out didn't see anything, went to the other window, look and saw tail lights, ran back to the window I was looking out and I see a man pop up and his face is all bloody! When I was on the phone with 911 I ran outside to check on him. The engine was making noise and was steeming. He killed the engine upon impact. It was quite a day. Get this! This accident happened November 29th, 2006. It was my mother's birthday! When the ambulance and everyone showed up I go "Look mom theres a parade here for you." What a birthday she'll never forget. The day had gone very well, until he hit our house.

He shouldn't be driving. Once again he is in the hospital from an accident. He was taken to Bangor Hospital to have recontructed surgery on his face! He's been in so many minor accidents. This is another one that did a good number to his vehicle! I'm pretty sure he moved my house off the foundation. He bounced off the house about 3 feet. He moved a lot of stuff in the house. This is a huge house! My mothers room which is upstairs on the otherside of the house. She had things on her entertainment center fall off. My brother who was sleeping didn't hear the crash. He heard my mother screaming LOL. This accident could of been a lot worse. Thank god it wasn't! As of right now we're gunna try to get his license taken until he can drive. Which probably won't ever happen! I'll keep you all updated.



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