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I was approaching an intersection one Saturday night when I noticed about 5 cars waiting to turn right infront off me (I live in Australia so we drive on the left side off the road if you are wondering).

When I was about 200 meters away from the intersection I could see cars speeding around the corner so I lifted my foot off the accelerator and had my food rasting on the break. As I was about 50 meters away from the intersection cars were still turning right so i began to break. and a car not even looking turned right rite infront off me and i hit them at about 50kph.

I wacked my head on the side off the car window, as the back off the car swung around about 20 degrees from the forse off the impacted there was steam and petrol leacking from my car as the impact had damaged the engine badly. I say to you who dont ware seat belts. I walked away from this with a sore back and neck and cuts from the seat belt but if I wasn't waring one it would have been alot worse!!! But the all the P platers out there don't think that things like this happen im not a p plater but the guy who hit me was!!

This 1986 corolla was a ride off but crumpled quite well I recomend it for a first car..

Submitted on December 4, 2000


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