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Chevrolet Suburban hit by Semi
Midland Michigan

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Chevrolet Suburban hit by Semi Midland Michigan

This accident occured May 28th 2003 In Midland Michigan. The 2002 Chevrolet Suburban my sister and my parents were travelling in on Us-10 just outside of the city of Midland hit a slippery spot from the previous rain and fishtailed into the path a semi Truck. The semi hit the left side spinning the suburban into the other lane in front of another semi which struck them on the front corner of the drivers side bending and twisting the entire front of the car. The car spun and came to a sudden stop along the side of the freeway.

No airbags went off and the doors had malfunctioned meaning they wouldint open, my parents and sister had to climb out through the back. Believe it or no, no one was injured or even scraped!

*Evan H. 8-18-03

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