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Mitsubishi 3000GT Fatal Accident
Witness to Fatal Race Nissan 300ZX v. 3000GT

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3000 gt accident crashed

The Morning of May 19th 2000, started off like any other. I'd started my early morning commute to work. Half way there two speeding sports cars passed me at a very high rate of speed, I'd set my cruise 5 miles over the limit and these cars still passed me as if I were staying still all while weaving around me and each other. I'd thought to myself they were going to get themselves killed.

A few more miles down the road they were already out of my mind when I came upon one of the cars a Nissan 300zx in an awkward position in the middle of the road, it was then that I realzed I had missed the other car which was on its roof in a ditch. I immediately called 911 then got out to see if there was anything I could do. Everyone in the Nissan was ok, just very histerical. I then ran to one of the one of the victims of the other car who had been ejected, I could not find a pulse and he was not breathing I attempted CPR but to avail the boy was dead, I'd later learned he had broke his neck.

In the rolled over car was his girlfriend who had been wearing her seat belt. She had a few minor injuries, lots of cuts and bruises but she was ok. It took nearly 10 minutes for police and an ambulance to arrive, it felt like hours. I later learned that all the passangers in both cars were or under 17yr olds. They were all friends, and after a night of fun the drivers of both cars decided to put there machines to the test and started to race each other home when the cars clipped each other causing the 3000GT to lose control roll over a number of times untill finally coming to a rest upside down in a ditch.

The decision to go home in this way turned out to be a deadly decision for one of the boys, and a memory that will be with the rest of them and mine for the rest of our lives. Before parents buy there kids these cars, they should be able to trust that they won't go out and do this sort of stuff, but of course if you buy your kid a sports car what else do you expect? Driving wrecklessly and fast is just stupid and often times has deadly consiquences. Before you go out and drive like that THINK! not only for your own lives but for everyone out there on the road. AND ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT!



Submitted July 8,2001

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