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Poland Car Accident

Hello, here's the story. It was late night, some 3AM and I was driving back home from the office, where I spent too many hours working because of some catastrophe like lack of backup etc (i'm IT specialist).

My place is not far away from the office, some 5 kilometers so there was no rush, i was driving slowly, not faster than 50km/h. On the crossing, I was suddenly hit from the passenger side by large van, VW Sharan, which was doing, according to the police, 80+ km/h. I must admit that I do not really remember moment of impact, because whole story began for me when I "woke up" sitting in the crashed car, in front of light pole, that i was pushed on by the van. My airbag deployed and i had seat belt fastened so I suffered only light injuries, to my left knee (it must have hit some hard plastics under dashboard) and my nose was bleeding, probably due to hard contact with exploding airbag. I've also had some scratches and bruises due to pyro seat belt tensioner which also deployed. First thought that I recall after accident was something like "Ouch, I think that they won't fix it anymore". Because car was new, i had it for two weeks.

On the interior photo, note the left door pushed as far as they touch the gear lever, and front passenger seat is gone! fortunately it was empty at the moment of collision.

The bottom line is, always make sure that you have backup, and watch out - even if you have right of way. And always wear your seat belt!

Michal K.

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