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T-Boned Ford Tempo

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Side Impact Collision

While coming home from work I was waiting in a bunch of traffic sitting in the exit to 41st street from wal-mart.

When it was my turn to go left onto 41st street going north, I waited for the lights to turn green and red again so it would get cars out of the way for me to turn. Now, I've always been a very careful driver, always watching. When I looked both ways, twice, there was NO ONE coming either direction.

The lights on John Deere Road going east/west were red along with the ones on 41st meaning the John Deere Road lights had the green turn arrow. Well, coming out from Wal-mart you can't tell that. Anyways, I started turning left onto my street when half of my car was almost in my lane all the sudden a guy in a thunderbird was barreling towards me and I looked straight at him.

He had the look of "oh god where did she come from" meaning he wasn't paying attention. He fishtailed twice and WAM! t-boned my 93 Ford Tempo in the driver door. Of course my car is totalled. He barely has any damage to himself or his car at all. I on the other hand am in serious pain. He must have been turning south as I was turning north cause he wasn't there when I started turning and once I was almost finished turning he was there and t-boned me. They say it's my fault but I don't see how it could be if he was turning off the other road AFTER I was already turning onto mine. You can't see who's coming off that road from the opposite side from that exit.

Submitted 28 March 2002

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