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Ford Probe Accident Runs Stop Sign
New Hampshire

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Ford Probe Side Impact

I am a Police Officer in New Hampshire. I dropped off my cruiser to a friend of mine at a Ford dealer for some work to be done to it. I took his car to go to a Doctors appointment. I never made it there and ended up being brought to the hospital in my cruiser, with my friend driving....

October 29, 2001. I came up to a stop sign. I looked left. I looked right. I was going to go straight. Then, I look up and remember saying to myself, " I think that car is in the air." All I remember seeing is a red 'thing' coming at the front of the car and then hearing one hell of a loud bang! When I finally removed my airbag from my face and figured out how to get my now mangled sunglasses off my head, I look to my left and see a man hanging upside down, or was I upside down? Well, you know how when your at a stop sign, and the car next to you starts moving and you get that feeling its you moving and you jam on your brakes and its not helping. Well that was me, I didnt know who was upside down, so I reached up and pushed against the roof of the car. Once I figured out it was him, I got out the passenger side of the car and now see a green pick up truck backwards into a stone wall. Mind you I'm not working, so my manners were not what you'd expect. I stick my head into this guys car, look at him upside down, and make sure he's alive. To my suprise, he was. Then I asked him as politley as I could, "Did you see the f%^&ing stop sign a$$hole?? You dumb f&ck!!!" And no, I didn't help him. I went and checked on the elderly guy that this moron involved.

What happened was:
The green truck had the right of way on the main road. I, and the idiot in the Ford Probe had stop signs. Probe man drives through the stop sign, so fast he got airborn over the main road, T-boned by the truck which was doing at least 40, flipped over, still in the air, then lands on his roof , spins,and crashed into the front of my car and still had momentum to push me back about 15 feet, and then sideways. In the pictures, the right side of the Probe is what the truck hit, then it rolled over and hit me on the left side. Between the two door panels was about 18 inches of room after this.

The Probe, still had a loan through Ford on it, no insurance, and this guy owns, or should I say owned a house. Oh yeah, he didn't see the stop sign, he was looking at his pager. Well, that page cost him I guess about $50,000.00. Did I mention he had no insurnace? All vehicles were totalled, and plus medical expenses, and yes, I sued him.

My friend who was working on my cruiser came to the scene, as I requested him to do so. Little did I think he'd drive my cruiser there, but never the less.... I was taken to the hospital, in my cruiser, with him driving. A few months later, I was at a Domestic Disturbance call and fell through a rotted porch. My friend who drove me to the hospital after the car accident was doing a ride-a-long with me. He again drove me to the hospital, in my cruiser.


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