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Dodge Stratus Crash
Asheville, North Carolina

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Dodge Stratus Pic

Hi, my name is John and this WAS my friends (Bean) stratus. Bean is in the Marines(SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!!!!!!) and he went to Afhganistan and left me and my roommate (Bryan) his car to fix up. Well we had alot of work to do before we could fix it up. On March 22, 2004 I had just got done doin a bunch mechanial fixes on his car and was takin it for a test drive. I was drivin and Bryan was in the pass. seat. We got to a long line at a red light and being the asshole that i am, I got pissed and went off road and around the line. At the front of a line there was a semi that was turning left. (The way that I was goin) Well, he wasnt on that little pad under that road that makes the light turn. So i pulled up on the right side of the truck and tried to look around him. He pulled forward. Well that pissed me off even more and I gunned it.

There to meet me was a 1992 Lincoln town car. You know the big big tanks of a car. Yeah SMASH!!! He hit me at about 60 mph. I remember seein the lincoln symbol on the hood and then lights out. I awoke to the car rollin down the grass toward the highway. I pulled up the e-brake and tried to turn the car off but the impact bent the steering column and the key wouldnt turn. Bryan was still unconcious and had blood comin from his mouth.

I wasn't wearing my seat belt and that is probably the only thing that saved me. If I had wore it it would have held me up agianst the door and may have killed me. Bryan had a cracked lower jaw, minor head trama, and some scratches. All I got was a sore left hip, a big doctor bill and a ticket for not obeying a red light. PRAISE GOD!!!(who is always with me) :) Bean was happy that we were not killed and also happy cause the insurance company paid off his car.

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