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Subaru SVX : Side Impact Accident
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Suby Crash

This accident happened to my Roommate's 1992 Subaru SVX sometime in June 2004 in Fort Wayne, IN. He had one passenger at the time. From what my Roommate told me, he was in the left of two lanes of traffic in the same direction (with two lanes in the opposite direction.) The speed limit was anywhere from 40-50 MPH (which everyone was travelling at this speed.)

Another vehicle (which I'll call "Car II") was in the right lane, and a third vehicle ("Car III") carelessly pulled out in front of Car II and struck them, which knocked my roommate's SVX off of his lane, which SENT HIS SVX SKIDDING ACROSS THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF TRAFFIC. As you can see in the photo, the passenger side was struck as the car skidded across the lanes.

No one was killed, but the only injuries occured to his passenger, who may have had some internal bleeding as he was struck on his side. He called 911 right away.

As a result, all 4 vehicles were totaled. Clearly, the one at fault was the driver of Car III, who was a foreigner who didn't speak English. This person had seen the vehicles approaching them, but had pulled out anyway without looking. HOW CARELESS IS THAT?

This will teach drivers TWO LESSONS: When you go to a foreign country, assume that you do not know the rules of their roads unless you know them well enough to drive, ESPECIALLY if that country drives on the= opposite side of the road. Also, the smallest mistake can cause a "domino effect" to other drivers.

Great Power comes great responsibility. Drive responsibly.

-Eric, Portland, OR (I go to school at Indiana.)


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