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Dump Truck Wrecked my Grand Am
Delaware, Ohio

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Dump Truck Crash

Hi my name is Raven and this is my story..
It was October 1 2003, I was heading east on state route 37 (Delaware, Ohio) on my way to pick my 3 year old son up, I was also 5 months pregnant
when the most scariest thing happened to me I had went to pass a dump truck. I have always feared being beside or behind them, About a minuite after I got in front of it I looked in my mirror , I thought to myself he's speeding up on me awfly fast next thing I knew BOOM! he smashed square into the back of me (mind you we are both traveling 55-60mph) he backed off then as he was tring now to get in the other lane to pass me he clipped the ran over the rear pass. quarter panel .

This sent me spinning in the middle of the road and the front of my car smacked his truck with every spin. I thought I was going to die! I crossed the grassed median and almost got hit head on by westbound semi. I gave it one last hard jerk to try to gain control back, the one that could have sealed the fate of me and my unborn son. Oh and I was cited for unsafe lane change....This accident was not my fault, I couldn't belive I was ticketed, Most important my son and I are fine...........Thanks for listening..........Drive safe.


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