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Hit by Dodge Ram
Cedar Park, Texas

23 broken and fractured bones was in ICU for 11 days

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23 broken and fractured bones was in ICU for 11 days

06-19-2003 Cedar Park, Texas. Me and my wife were headed to donate plasma to help victims of war. It was a bright sun shiny day. Cruising down 1431 east bound a 1996 one ton dodge ram flat bed dully coming west bound pulled out in front of us and changed our life's.

My wife was trapped in the car and had to be flown to Brackenridge hospital in critical condition. She had over 23 broken and fractured bones was in ICU for 11 days 9 of which were in a coma. She was driving I was a passenger I had fractured ribs and a skull, and sternum. I also had torn PCL in left knee.


My wife had
base line skull fracture
many facial fractures
jaw broken in two spots
left lower and upper arm bones were broken
collar bone fracture
five pelvic fractures
left femur
right ankle crushed
right lower leg broken

We are both glad to say we are happy to be alive. We would give anything not to go through this again, but will enjoy life from now on. Our son was just dropped off at daycare. I am fine and my wife is starting to walk again. We would like to hear from other families stories for support please e-mail us

Thank you

Chris and Courtney W.

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