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Geo Storm Accident Struck- Harrowing Tale
Gettysburg Pennsylvania

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Geo Storm Accident

About 4 years ago Thursday, December 16, 1999 to be exact. I was 17 years old a senior in high school and not a care in the world. My best friend and I had been hanging out at my house almost the whole day. So around 10pm we decided to leave and go back to her house to stay the night, because Friday was our last day of school before Christmas break. Me and my friend left my house, she was driving her 1993 Geo Storm. We went the same way to house as we did any other day all the back roads and short cuts, our houses were about 20 minutes apart. We pulled up to the last stop sign before we turned onto the lane that went back to her house. I was messing with the radio, she started to pull across the intersection, when I looked up all I could see was streaks from headlights, I screamed........

It was 10:16 pm when the accident was reported. It happened at the intersection of Granite Station road and Shrivers Corner road in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I was in and of consciousness during the 45 minutes it took the rescue workers to get me out of the car. So the account of what I'm about to explain is second hand information, as well as some of my own recollection.

My friend pulled from the 2-way stop sign not seeing a car approaching us on my side. We were hit going through the intersection at about 10 mph by a car that was going around 65 mph. The impact was on the middle to mid-back passenger side of the car ( T-boned). After impact our car was tossed in a circle and ended up in a ditch. With a huge metal sign stuck into the hatch-back. When everything became still my friend jumped out of her window which had been busted out. She screamed at me "ARE YOU OK" I screamed back "NO I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS". I had been wearing my seat belt, which saved me and ended up hurting me too. The seat I had been sitting in had been crushed to 7" wide my body was shoved up and sort of outward. I was stuck and couldn't move. My right lung had collapsed, My right kidney had been torn, my liver and spleen were bleeding too. My body was losing blood internally very fast and I was going into shock. When the rescuers freed me I was taken by ambulance to a helicopter landing sight. I was flown to York Trauma Center in York, Pennsylvania an hour from where I live.

Today I still live with effects from my accident, I am now a 21 year old Administrative Assistant in Rockville, Maryland, very thankful just to be alive, you can see that from the pictures.

Angie P. Submitted: 15 January 2004


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