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Toyota MR2 Crash: Nailed
Darwin, Australia

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Toyota Mr2 Crash
My head snapped to my left and all I could say was "shit!"

Hello, I was involved in a car accident on the 13/08/2005 in Darwin, Australia, and would like to submit a story for your site. Please find attached a picture of the impacted side of my Toyota MR2 turbo.

It was late in the afternoon and I was on the way to a barbecue at a friends house, checking the time I was a little early so I decided to drive around for a while to kill some time. It was at an intersection, one which I had crossed many many times and I was turning right through a gap in the median strip. There were two cars coming in the opposite direction so I pulled up. They were both indicating to turn left and were positioned in the left turn only lane, on the assumption they were committed to making the turn and would be expected to give way to me as per road regulations, I begun to creep out in a deliberate manner before smoothly accellerating.

Just as my front wheels crossed into the left hand lane of the street I was turning into, I heard a horn. My head snapped to my left and all I could say was "shit!" before the second car that was turning left impacted my vehicle on the passenger side door.

I suspect they had a change of mind at the last minute and were too busy looking in their rear view mirror or over their shoulder when they changed into the adjacent lane, unaware that I had begun my turn. My vehicle was mechanically undamaged and I was able to drive to the side of the road and turn the car off. The other car however, was basically written off. My vehicle is fixable provided there is no chassis damage. Nobody was injured, except for slight soreness the next day in the neck and shoulders.

The emergency services that attended the scene ruled it was my fault as I failed to give way to her vehicle (which is technically correct), but did not take into account my story. As part of my report to my insurance company I have proven that the accident could *not* have happend as the other party described, due to the fact that if it were true they would have had to have been speeding in order to cover the ground they did before the point of impact. The impact is not typical of what you would expect for a high speed impact (aka the speed limit, I would be dead) and this supports my position that the other vehicle was braking in preperation to making the turn left. The damage sustained mirrors this belief that it was a low speed impact. There is no evidence the other vehicle attempted to brake or turn out of the way.

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