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Broken arm car accident
Person in this Crash Ended up with a broken arm!

Broken Bone Arm Humerus Fracture in Auto Accident?

The humerus (Latin for 'upper arm') in the arm is the longest bone in the human body and frequently fractured in automobile collisions. This long bone in the arm runs from the shoulder to the elbow, it is situated between the scapula and the ulna. It has three sections called Upper extremity of humerus, Body of humerus, Lower extremity of humerus. The various bones of the Skeleton are connected together at different parts of their surfaces, these connections are designated by the name of the Joint or Articulation. In the arm: a bursa is between the scapula and the chest wall, which allows the scapula to move over the chest wall. Shoulder movements are often combined movements of the glenohumeral joint and the movement of the scapula on the chest wall. The distal end of the humerus (at the elbow) forms a hinge joint with the ulna, allowing flexion and extension- which happens on the trochlea of the humerus. Two pits in this end of the humerus- called the coronoid fossa and the olecranon fossa, give the ulna room to move, at the same time preventing it from over-flexing or extending. A pivot joint rests between the capitulum of the humerus and the head of the radius, allowing the hand to face downwards or upwards.

Broken arm crash
Arm Structures

A large number of auto accidents result in broken arms, and humerus fractures- just explore this web site and you will find hundreds of instances. Arm fractures resulting from car crashes can be more severe than fractures from simple falls or other incidents because the forces acting on the body in a automobile collisions are often very severe.

If you have sustained a broken arm in a car accident it is almost always worth it to contact a lawyer. A broken arm may seem like a simple insurance matter, but the long period of physical therapy, complexity of the surgery, pain and suffering and any permanent loss of mobility make these injuries prime candidates for the insurance comapnies to try and lower the amount of compensation. A good car accident attorney will be able to 1) Locate all the available insurance coverage, often several policies to cover the injuries and; 2) Will be able to collect the available money from the insurer by presenting your claim with full documentation of the entire course of treatment and all the issues encountered including liens for medical expenses.

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