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Ford Mustang Crashed at 125 mph

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speeding crash pics

This 1989 Ford Mustang crashed at 125 mph. The speedometer is stuck on 125 mph. So I take it thats where it got stuck too when it crashed. It's registered for 140. As you can see the whole front end is nearly decapitated. By looking at it, it must of been a teenagers car. Probably just got his license and was showing off. Or it could of been some grown moron! This is mean to say, but I hope the driver got hurt and he'll never forget it. He'll remember cars are not f*cking toys! Hopefully it'll stick with him that speed f*cking kills! I hate it when people do that kind of shit! No one ever things of the worst of it. I know it's better not too sometimes, but shit like that, it's ok to worry about the worst. Cause thats when the worst always happens! Lets hope a lesson was learned out of this crash! The car is completely f*cked up! Absolutely no hope in fixing that thing up. Remember speed kills and seatbelts save..

Comments from viewers:

I was once part a part time crash investigator, and paramedic in Maine for a few years. I have seen just about every type of crash and injury there is. I still enjoy studying crash pictures to see what happened and what type of intrusion there may be.This is followed by something called mechaicisim of injury. There are many, many, things that are taken in to consideration when
examining a crash, like the distance the wheels are pushed back, and the depth of intrusion to the passenger compartment, where the damage is etc.. One can even tell if the lights were on when the vehicle crashed by measuring the length of the bulb philament. Of course, things like brake marks, witnesses and evidence at the scene are also used in helping to determine what happened. It is true that you can sometimes regulate the speed of the vehicle by looking at the speedometer, but you have to take it apart and put a powder on the panel, sort of like fingerprints. The powder will show a line or mark where the needle hit the backer plate, if the crash is severe enough, and there was enough impact inertia to cause this to occur. After looking at the photos of this particular crash, and seeing the other crash photos this particular person sends in with fabricated stories attached to each, prompted me to help educate him and anyone else that is interested. By looking at the photos of the Mustang, It does not have much damage at all considering. Not even a trained professional can say how fast a vehicle was traveling by looking at the speedometer.If you will look closely at the photo of the speedometer, you will see that the backer plate is bent and buckled. This alone could cause a false reading. I would doubt that the occupants were injured very bad at all. There is no intrusion to speak of on the vehicle, the front end is not pushed back very far at all. The cast wheels are not broken. It did not roll over, If it did, it has a roll bar installed. All in all this was really a moderate crash, at speeds probably not above 50 mph, depending on the other vehicles speed. Would it not be much better to continue to go to the local scrap yards and take photos and say you don't know what happened but this vehicle was at the local junk yard. Send it photos for people to view without the fabricated tales. This is a great site and we need photos to keep it going, but truthful stories about what happened would be so much better. And I did not see the need for all of the foul language? a point can be made without it. I have never wished that anyone would get hurt or maimed in a wreck, this particular individual is a little over the top. I hope that by sharing a little honest information has enlightened anyone that is interested. One last thing, for the most part seatbelts and airbags do save lives. But over a combined speed of about 140 they do little good. I have removed many deceased victims from wrecks while wearing seatbelts. They should be worn at all times, but not wearing them is not a guarantee that you will be killed. Thank you for reading this. Take care and be careful out there! ~ Dave ~

I may not be much of a crash investigator, but that mustang looks like it was going pretty damn fast in order to sustain that kind of damage. It doesn't look like any "moderate 50 mph speed" caused that wreck my friends. I am gonna got out on a limb here and guess that the people in there were not happy campers and either died or hit the hsopital for a long while. Just my take and all. peace and yeah wear belts when in a stang going well, fast. John L. 3/14/07

Hi, I would like to comment on the "ford mustang crashed @125mph" story. I just had a head-on in my 1993 mustang gt convertible on Feb 25,2008 (send pics & story in future) anyways  what I wanted  to say is you can't judge the speed  by damage, I was only going less  then 30 mph and the other car maybe 40 to 45mph and my front end is crushed back to the shock towers and the doors open but are overlapping the door jam, so that mustang could have been doing under 50mph let the crash investigator said...thanks you Mike F 2/28/08

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