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Neon Car Accident
Flipped End Over End: Ejected
Campobello Island, Canada

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When they hit the ditch Dustin was ejected through the windshield about 40 feet

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Bad Neon Accident

Location of crash: Campobello Island, Canada
Date: August 13th, 2006

This is my friends (Diedre age 16) car after she flipped it end over end. The girl had just left my best friends house with him (Dustin age 15) in the car with her. Diedre was going 85 mph Dustin said. About a quarter mile away BOOM! Diedre is from Lubec, and Dustin is from Campobello. I usually go over to Campobello to hang out with Dustin. Where this accident happened too, there was a crash there a few feet away just a couple weeks before. It would be that accident where the bug flew into the car causing him to crash. Well heres how this one happened. Diedre came up over the hill speeding. The car began to fish tail, they tried to miss a van that was in the road and went into the ditch, hit a culvert, ramped a rock wall and flipped it end over end once. When they hit the ditch Dustin was ejected through the windshield about 40 feet. He almost landed on a fence! He got up and tried to walk away not knowing what just happened. Some guy came out of his house and grabbed him and held him down and applied preassure to his arm. Thank god for that guy! Neither one of them was wearing a seatbelt. Diedre was ejected from the car as it was in mid air I guess. I asked Dustin how he made if over the airbag and out through the windshield. He said it never deployed when he was in the vehicle. They were both taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Dustin was airlifted to Bangor hospital for higher care. He needed a blood transfusion and he needed to go into emergency surgery to repair his arm. The windshield almost took his arm off. You can see in the photos on the broken windshield his blood. If the doctor at the Machias hospital didn't double knot his stitches, he would of bled to death. That was his worse injury. No broken bones. He also got bad road burn on his face and cuts everywhere. He also had 12 staples in his head. There was about 50 staples in his left arm and about 20 stitches in his right hand. Diedre on the other hand got a broken back, and broken pelvic bone. She stayed at the Machias hospital, and he stayed at Bangor hospital. They was both in the hospital for four days. Dustin spent 1 day in ICU though. Here is the part that got me. The day before that accident me and Dustin set aside our differences & made up and became best friends again. We both said it's better to be friends then fight, cause you never know what life has in store.

Next day I find out he was just in a bad accident and they think he could die. I drove all the way to Bangor to see my friend too! Even though we had our differences, I was still by his side. His mother who found this very werid. The accident happened on the 13th and Dustin had 13 dollars in his pocket. Although the accident happened on a Sunday. Still weird though. Dustin will never have full movement of his arm again. He won't be able to do much of the things he used to do. Diedre is gunna have one long road ahead of her too. She will not be able to do much of the things shes wanted to do. Or aleast not anytime soon. The best part about it though, is that they're both alive! So if your fighting with someone. Be a friend, set aside your problems, work it out! Cause like I told Dustin, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN! I've always told Dustin to wear a seatbelt, and he didn't. I told him if he was ever in a car accident where the car rolled, he was gunna be ejected, he looked at me and said it was bound to happen. I mentioned that to him in the hospital, and he said he should of listened to me. He buckels up everytime now! As well as he and everyone else should! REMEMBER! ALWAYS BUCKEL UP and be a friend! You never know what life has for you around that corner!

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