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Suby Smash

Now, I know I have submitted quite a few car accidents. But this one just so happens to be mine. It's not a bad one, nothing too serious. My passengers and I did get hurt. The cop esitmated the damage at $1500 dollars. It was December 9th, 2005. It was snowing, and me and my friends was going to my house. Now I'm only 16 years old. The day of my accident, it was exactly 6 months to the day that I got my license. I was on my way home from my friends house, she was in the back seat. Now me and her don't live far apart. We was only about 500 feet up the road from my house! We was only 100 feet away from the girls house! I had said everyone put on seatbelts. Well she didn't listen. We lost control and slammed into a tree head-on going 25-30mph. Me and the kid in the front had our seatbelts on. The one in the back hit off the back of the seat and got whiplash. Mine and the other kids seatbelts didn't tighten up. I have automatic seatbelts, and I had lapbelts, which I called the rollover belt. We had each of them on.

Well when they didn't tighten up, I hit my knee off the ignition. The knee I had surgery on. It was badly bruised. It still hurts today. The guy next to me got hurt too. When we hit the tree, from the impact the back of the car lifted up. Which made him hit his head off the roof. He got bad whiplash and a headache. I had the car hauled out of the ditch and drove it home. Just right down the road, not far. It is fixable, but of where the car is so old. It's pointless, it bent my radiator guard, hood latcher, hood a little bit, bumper, and my parking lot was popped out of place. I got the dent on side from a different accident. But the moral of the story is no matter how far your going, buckel up. Mine wasn't bad, but between mine and the girls house. I've had some close calls and that was my second accident. Right there where I hit the tree too, I got pulled over my a cop and as I was getting pulled over I hit a deer. Nudged it and it fell in the ditch. But buckel up, and don't drive in the snow unless you have too! Be safe and buckel up!


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